Zeytinburnu District

Zeytinburnu is an elegant, European neighborhood, municipality and district of Istanbul, Turkey, by the Sea of Marmara, just outside the historic city walls, in front of Yedikule Fort.

Zeytinburnu is one of the privileged areas of Istanbul. In the past it used to be a small village, but when the authorities decided to carry out an urbanization plan in parts of Istanbul, Zeytinburnu devoted much attention to the rebuilding of houses. with new advanced projects. Due to its strategic location near the sea and all transport hubs available, this allows it to become one of the key positions in the real estate market in Istanbul. Where it has built-in capabilities that scale up. What the property rate index tells us is that in 2012 the rate was 1,270 Tl per square meter and in 2020 the rate is 4,170 per square meter which has almost doubled times and that’s something specific in the real estate industry. Whether you stay there or invest some money in Zeytinburnu, it will probably be the right choice.

As the Zeytinburnu region gains a reputation in the apparel sector, the path to real estate investment in Zeytinburnu has also been opened. Many construction companies are starting to build new projects and houses in Zeytinburnu.

Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul is a vital center of trade and industry , and the first destination for real estate investments within the city , and it has become thanks to this urban renaissance to the incubator of the largest luxury real estate projects with leading brands in the area , as part of the development plan and the comprehensive urban development witnessed the Turkish city of Istanbul. The area has witnessed a qualitative leap in the construction and real estate sector , where investors ,businessmen and venture capitalists are increasingly buying apartments in Istanbul in Zeytinburnu.

The residential and investment projects are characterized by luxury ,high quality and charming sea views , where the Zeytinburnu area overlooks the Sea of Marmara directly .In addition to that ,the vital and strategic location of Zeytinburnu area , near the city center and famous tourist areas ,such as Fatih ,Sultanahmet and Taksim has earned the region a competitive advantage.

The availability of transportation and easy transportation to and from Zeytinburnu area by metro and buses plays an important role in increasing the value of real estate and investments in Zeytinburnu area. The Zeytinburnu area also has the support of the Turkish government for the development and construction of investments and residential complexes, whereas the Zeytinburnu area includes residential complexes with a government guarantee of up to 3 years and some projects up to 10 years guarantee.

All of this contributed to raising the prices of the property in the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul, where the price per meter ranges from 12 to 15 thousand Turkish liras, within the residential complexes that have adopted a system that provides all the services that meet the

needs of its residents, with luxury in construction and elegance in cladding and high quality of the materials used, with the availability of a variety of apartments from the choice of one room and up to four and five rooms to meet all demands.

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