Why you should invest in Turkey

Turkey is famous for its people’s hospitality, Mediterranean weather and geopolitical location, making it an important center for attracting local and foreign investors in various sectors, especially tourism and real estate, which has attracted a lot of attention from investors. The natural beauty of Asia and Europe, which has a high proportion of young people, was one of the main reasons why foreigners’ investors choose Turkey as an investment destination. It has transformed into a country that is generally open to investors and foreign capital.

Turkey offers a wide variety of properties at very attractive prices. Here you will find simple and affordable studio apartments, as well as luxurious penthouses and villas with sea views. Foreigners are particularly attracted to the popular coastal cities and the cultural center of Istanbul. For some people, the main reason to buy real estate is the possibility of obtaining permanent residency and Turkish citizenship in the future. Others see Turkish real estate as a lucrative investment and plan to rent or resell the property to make money from the difference in price.

We will list some of the reasons why you should consider investing in Turkey:

1- Geographical Location

Turkey’s strategic location between Asia and Europe has long been a natural link between the two continents. Because of its geographical location, Turkey has adopted various business relationships connecting the East and the West. Turkey now has a strategic location to connect with over 1.5 billion people in Asia, Europe and Africa and is the most trusted commercial transit point.

2- Financial aspects

Turkey stands as a popular destination for tourists, retirees and digital nomads. Living in a big city or on a sunny beach is cheaper than in most European countries. Food, health care, services, water and electricity are cheap. This fact is very interesting when calculating the cost of managing and maintaining a home.

3- Economic development

Although the Turkish economy faces many obstacles, such as political instability, it remains resilient and continues to provide investors with a secure platform. Turkey is on the verge of entering the top 10 emerging economies with $1 trillion worth. Bloomberg experts have recommended the country as an investment destination because its economy is growing rapidly. GDP has tripled in the last 14 years. This is the highest growth rate among G20 countries. A stable economy and competent government policies in this sector are key to successful investment.

4- modern infrastructure

The main reason foreign investors invest is to provide the necessary infrastructure for the investment and to reduce transportation costs. If you look at the basic infrastructure such as transport, telecommunications, energy and technology infrastructure, there was a boom in Turkey that made Turkey a center for attracting foreign investors. A briefing of the three crew members in Turkey provided very cheap sea transport, in addition to connecting them to Central and Eastern Europe via a rail network.

5-High demand for real estate in Turkey

The average age of the Turkish population is around 30, so there is ample demand for residents looking to rent or buy. Also, since Turkey’s tourism industry is still very popular, it can be very advantageous to buy short term rentals.

– The real estate sector is one of the fastest growing in Turkey and offers a good return on investment for all investors, but time is the key to success in this sector

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