Why Turkey Is The Best Location For Foreigners To Buy Real Estate?

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With its spectacular history, culture, nature, and climate, Turkey has always been a desirable destination for many ex-pats throughout the years. Nowadays that having a healthy and happy life is more important than ever Turkey showed great success dealing with all the challenges through the global pandemic.
States and countries are putting in place new policies and changes to helps their economies by attracting hot capitals, and these laws come always to the investor’s benefit. This is the case in a lot of countries throughout the world in Europe, Asia, and America.

Whether it is providing a residence permit in the country, citizenship, or tax reductions… these policies and laws vary from one country to another, along with other attractive factors, it became harder for overseas investors to choose the country for their investments.

When evaluating which country to invest in, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration:
•    Natural factors, which are the geographic location and climate, which affect the average lifestyle and tourist environment.
•    Historical and cultural factors
•    Social and religious factors
•    The fundamentals of the economy

In General, Turkey has the advantage of all these qualities and factors. It has an area of 783,562 square kilometers, twice the size of Germany, and almost twice as much as Italy, and about 10 times the size of all the countries of Eastern Europe. This means a great diversity in the field of tourism, agriculture, and industry when compared to most European countries.

Nature in Turkey is not so different from the climate of Europe even though it is better, thanks to its location on the Asian and European continents.
Real estate in Turkey is much affordable than in EU countries, with global construction quality. The price per square meter in the Turkish real estate market is much lower than that of the European countries in general, in addition to the lower cost of living in general in Turkey, comparing to the EU countries.
Turkey is characterized by great culture, in addition to developed infrastructure and lifestyle.

The easy transaction and bureaucracy! The buying and selling process in turkey is way easier and does not require a lot of paperwork and time, it can be done in one day only.

A foreigner can obtain a residence permit after buying a property in Turkey. The real estate residence permit is given to the owner of the property and his family members and is renewed annually. And investments worth $ 250,000 give the investor the right to obtain citizenship directly.

In 2018 Istanbul, which is one of the largest selling points and real estate investment in Turkey, ranked ninth among the world’s most visited countries, ahead of Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Los Angeles, and other important tourist cities.

In Conclusion, Turkey owns many attractions factors from suitable climate, growing economy, strong real estate market that continue growing despite all the challenges experienced in globally, touristic, and historical attractions that attract tourists from around the World… all these make it an attractive and profitable option to invest or to build a new life.

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