When the investor cannot be present during the finalizing process!

The buyer will just need to send us an official Power of Attorney at the Public Notary in the country of his residence, and our lawyers can provide you with a sample of the authorization. Once validated by the Turkish Consulate and posted to us via a cargo service, our teams will handle all the processes mentioned above on your behalf.

Having the Title  Deed registered and upon the formation of a standard Document Package from your country, a Turkish Citizenship acquisition process can be incontinent started.

In addition to all the steps above and before the finalization of the sale contract, we will make sure to get a report verifying the 250 000 USD worth (in TRY) of desired property from a Certified Appraisal Expert, if it is not already taken by the developer. And we will get a stamped and signed receipt confirming a payment of 250 000 USD or its equivalent in TRY to the Developer/Seller from your Bank.

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