Tuzla District

Tuzla is a county with the largest platform to Turkey’s shipyard. It is also evaluated by various housing projects such as nature and beach. It is also developing transportation from 13 km of coast, transportation development, and a crowd of city and noise. This area is one of the excellent points for investment. Tuzla is in the southern part of Istanbul. Adjacent to the Pendik region to the north and west. To the east is the Chaiyrov Kocaeli region. To the south is the Sea of ​​Marmara, the region is connected to the sea by a 13 km long coastline.

Tuzla is also home to Viaport Marina, the world’s first residential center built on the waterfront. The area is very close to Sabiha Gokchen International Airport. Tuzla also has ruins from the Byzantine period. However, many historical artifacts have not survived to this day. This area is growing and developing day by day.

Situated on the coastline, Tuzla offers clear waters and beaches to enjoy the summer. Public beaches are crowded, so you can’t rest in a quiet place, but you can try private beaches because there are more things to see than regular beaches.

Despite the fact that Tuzla is located in the exterior area of ​​Istanbul, it doesn’t fail to attract many investors and families that want to invest or live in investors. Tuzla has acquired a tremendous amount of investment for years with a powerful industrial and rich Tuzla port for many years. Despite the fact that this is a new area, Tuzle’s real estate prices increased by 34.14% for four years. The average price of 100m2 real estate of Tuzla is 374,800 Turkish Lira. Tuzla’s rent price also saw permanent growth over many years, with an increase of 17.59% between 2017 and 2021, rental prices in Tuzla average TL 1,237 for a 100m2 property. Investing in real estate in Tuzla, with its high value and promising future, is a catch-up opportunity as the property only takes 26 years to regain value. Compared to many other real estate investments, this figure is reassuring.

New projects on the Kartal, Pendik, and Tuzla axes are preferred on the Anatolian side of Istanbul due to their favorable prices. Taking into account average annual indicators, the most valuable housing areas in the Tuzla Region as of 2020 are Yayla, Istasion, Evliya Celebi, Fatih, Aydinly. In the Tuzla home sales market, property prices rose 2.01% last year. The average depreciation period in the Tuzla region is 20 years.


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