The Anatolian Side

Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world located on two continents. Europe and Asia are separated by the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea. Three very large suspension bridges connect Istanbul’s European and Asian coasts.

Many pioneers stop by Sultanahmet on the European side to see all the tourist attractions such as Topkapi Palace, Suzo Basilica, and Turkish Islamic Art Museum. But on the other side of the city you can find a lot. Here’s how to get away from the central tourist area and dive into the underrated Asian part of Istanbul.

In the collective unconscious, Istanbul’s Asian coast is erroneously considered more “east” than its European sister. What is truly amazing about Istanbul, in our view, is that Istanbul’s main beauty is the cohabitation of its diverse and diverse population. In a very short time, it moved from a conservative area like Uskudar to a more modern area like Moda.

Begin your tour by paying a visit to the most famous neighborhoods of Kadıköy and Moda first.

Kadıköy is the nerve center of Asia, it is the Anatolian Taksim. There are ferries to Kadıköy departing from different piers, such as Kabatas, Eminonu, and Besiktas. Upon disembarking the ferry and arriving in Kadikoy, you are greeted with a less chaotic and quiet atmosphere with car-free streets. Ideal for shopping and browsing the many souvenir shops, restaurants and bookstores. and bakeries.

The Big Neighborhood is a great example of how nostalgia and modernity can coexist. The roots of this beautiful coexistence date back to ancient times when Kadikoy was first known as Chalcedon.

The nature of the Anatolian part is magnificent. Beautiful house and yali (beach villa) can be seen by boat. As you climb the outskirts of the Bosphorus, it seems that you are moving from village to village. Built on Istanbul’s Anatolian side, the real estate is a large mixed-use project that includes a hotel, shopping mall, offices and residential buildings. The real estate sector in Turkey offers buyers the opportunity to make a profitable investment by combining luxury with quality of life. Istanbul homes suitable for Turkish citizenship have privileged services such as smart home systems, luxury housing services.

There are several options to choose a house with different views in Istanbul. In Beykoz you can find luxury mansions with views of the Bosphorus. Or for sale of an apartment with a beautiful forest view in Umrania or cekmekoy. The most beautiful feature of the Anatolian region is its coastline. Close to the coastline, you can enjoy the views of the island while doing your favorite sport, having a coffee or picnicking in the coastal park from Bostanzi to Pendik.

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