Sultanbeyli District

Sultanbeyli is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Sultanbeyli is close to the Kartal, Pendik, and Sancaktepe regions. Pond parks and social facilities are popular green spaces in the area. Sultanbeyli Municipality was established in 1992, after witnessing an acceleration of construction, real estate projects, and infrastructure under the control of large corporations.

The municipality has a clear plan to promote itself as an ideal suburb for the working class. They want to improve the standard of living by meeting the needs of all residents. They are committed to being transparent, responsible, fair, and friendly. And…

  • Work and collaborate as a team.
  • Provide quality service.
  • Respect the values of residents.
  • Demonstrate effective management style and skills.
  • Efficient and rational use of resources.
  • Use of technology.
  • Training and development of internal staff.

Satisfying the needs of those looking for more business-oriented accommodation due to its distance from the center, Sultanbeyli is located on the Istanbul-Ankara motorway with easy access to the business centers. Sultanbeyli which can be reached by public transport such as buses and minibusses from many districts of Istanbul; is preparing to meet with metro lines in the coming years.

It can be seen that in recent years the region has experienced rapid growth and change. The area will be appreciated in the coming years, thanks to the investments made. The area has been the focus of construction companies working on large and luxurious projects, especially in recent months. Among the projects highlighted by the local authorities are university projects, a library with 40,000 books, and a convention and exhibition center. In addition, it can be seen that projects such as New Town Square, Central Mosque, Aidos Forest Nature Park, and garages are enriching the area.

An area with many housing projects suitable for bank loans awaits those looking for investment apartments in Sultanbeyli. While new projects are added to Sultanbeyli’s architectural projects every day, so is the option for those who want to own a home. With the current urbanization trend in Turkey, most of the properties sold in Sultanbeyli Istanbul are apartments in all-inclusive residential complexes. However, sometimes you can find land up for sale in Sultanbeyli or commercial real estate in Sultanbeyli.

Sultanbeyl’si All-Inclusive Apartment for sale includes many common facilities such as landscaped gardens, security, swimming pool, gym, and children’s park. Due to its modest reputation, Sultanbeyli’s house prices per square meter are low, especially when compared to other upmarket areas in Istanbul.

There are many reasons to buy a property in Sultanbeyli, including 15 districts to choose from, easy access to highway and coastal beach resorts, and the many natural and green vistas that surround it.

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