Real Estate Investment in Turkey

It is always difficult to find the perfect place to buy property; however, there are some elements regarding what makes a place perfect for real estate investment. Although priorities and preferences of investors may vary when it comes to real estate investment, Turkey has a great potential to meet each of them. Besides its beautiful architecture and beaches in such places as İstanbul, Antalya, and Bodrum, all of which are the central attraction of tourists from all over the globe, Turkey has its unique laws to allure foreigners to invest in real estate. To illustrate, as stated in Foreigner Residence Services as well, the Turkish government enables buying property in Turkey and even passes the Turkish Citizenship Law 5901 which permits foreign investors from 180 different countries to officially acquire Turkish citizenship by buying 250.000 USD value real estate in Turkey. In this case, the investors who become Turkish residents in a considerably short amount of time may reside in their property and enjoy heart-warming seasons in Turkey. They can also use their property as buy-to-let to make the most of their real estate investment. As Turkey hosts more and more tourists and housing prices consistently increase every year, it is safe to argue that buying 250.000 USD value real estate in Turkey is a wise investment that comes with the bonus of citizenship. Furthermore, these purchasers will not be exposed to any language barriers. In other words, it is such a wise investment that will open all the advantages of Turkish passport offers to its owner. Additionally, it should be noted that investors are also welcomed to buy below 250.000 USD value real estate and still obtain short-term residency permission until the next term. They can still put their property up for rent and benefit from the ever-increasing tourism industry in Turkey. It is a fact that the campaign became successful and day by day even more foreign investors attempt to buy property in Turkey. According to Turkish government agency TUIK, the rate of property sales to foreigners increased by 71.3 percent only in one year between 2018 and 2019. To put it in a different way, it is statistically reasonable to invest in that sweet house with lovely roses and authentic trees in its garden or in that property in Turkey, which will become a source of permanent income and will never fail to meets its owner’s long-term or short-term investment goals.

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