Property Management


Initially speaking, property management refers to the process of managing property or real estate. It indicates also to a necessary need of caring for, monitored and accountability given to proper conditions of life.

Property Invest as a leading consultancy company, has established itself in a unique position in Turkish real estate market. It offers a typical and professional property management, thanks to its fruitful experience and priceless data thas is accumulated in Real Estate sector over many years.

PI uses the latest innovative strategies and proven methods in marketing. Besides, the access to the latest and most desirable homes, residential and commercial communities, land purchases and investment opportunities.

PI works directly with recognized business partners, accredited lawyers, accountants, banks. It provedies the necessary security when purchasing any property in Turkey.

PI maintains a well-trained real estate professionals and consultanst who provide top quality service for our customers and partners.
In generali there are many challenges when it comes to buying a property abroad and relocating to a new environment and culture.
PI is ready to hel you respondt to al these challenges.

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