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The real estate market in Turkey has recently witnessed a significant boom and growth. This growth has continued despite all the difficult conditions the Turkish economy has faced. The constant and continuing demand for real estate in Turkey is due to the presence in Turkey of different types of real estate in different shapes and sizes. This issue has also contributed to attracting more foreign investment to the Turkish real estate market as different types of real estate mean high and guaranteed investment returns and profits.

And the property types in Turkey are different from the globally recognized property types. Therefore, those who are interested in real estate investment in Turkey should familiarize themselves with these differences in order to know the real estate market situation in Turkey and fully understand their next investment in Turkey.

  • Residential Apartments

 Apartments in Turkey are suitable for all buyers due to the variety of prices, spaces and designs suitable for different lifestyles. Apartments may be separate buildings or in apartment complexes. Usually, luxury apartments in Turkey are built according to the latest advanced technologies. Smart Apartments in Turkey include a variety of luxury homes such as penthouses, duplex and triplex apartments, with state-of-the-art entertainment systems and stunning design in terms of interior or exterior architecture.

  • Standard Apartments

 Standard apartments are more popular with immigrants than standard apartments because they often have more amenities. But keep in mind that typical apartments are more expensive compared to regular apartments and have higher monthly fees.

  • Apartments in a residential tower

Tower construction in Turkey has increased significantly in recent years, and these residential complexes have become the first choice for many expats moving to Turkey. Although the amenities in many of these residential complexes are expensive, various factors such as area and year of construction can affect home prices.

  • Villas

Single-family homes and villas in Turkey are among the most expensive housing types in Turkey and are the primary choice for many Turkish real estate investors. Villa prices in Turkey vary by region, location and engineering solution. Large self-contained villas with large gardens, private pool and private parking, select villas overlooking nature and sea view. Due to the property protection, villas in residential complexes are more suitable for non-residents or people who do not live permanently in Turkey.

  • Lands

 Land investment is one of the guaranteed investments in Turkey. There are different types of land in Turkey, including agricultural land and settlements.

  • Commercial Real Estate

This type of real estate is a huge residential complex in the form of a skyscraper or commercial building that is used for investment or commercial purposes in Turkey, offers a high return on investment and includes all your needs, and you can purchase any type of real estate. Residential complexes such as shops and warehouses, office spaces, restaurants and cafes, shopping centers, hotels, and educational and medical buildings


In Turkey, this type of real estate is located in a remote area away from the city center and has industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, production centers, shops, and research and distribution centers, making it popular at low cost. These properties in Turkey provide the owner with a fixed income when rented for investment purposes.

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