Pendik District: The Icon Of Beauty

Pendik District: The Icon Of Beauty

Located in the Asian part of Istanbul’s Asian region, the Pendik is considered a symbol of beauty with its enchanting sea views of the Sea of Marmara. The district borders the districts of Tuzla, Gebze, Sile, Chekmekoi, Sankaktepe and Sultanbeyli. The Pendik area is especially important due to the variety of sea, air and road transport. The city’s second airport, Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, is located in Pendik. The district is also the center of the high-speed train station on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

The name became even more apparent when the Turkish people who wanted to invest in Istanbul got the attention, as the whole of Istanbul is one of the fastest developing regions. It has transformed from a quiet coastal area to a huge commercial and industrial residential city, and for ten and a half years, large investment parks have been created with unique designs to suit all tastes and choices.

Needless to say, the Pendik region was embraced by many historical and archaeological regions of Greece, bringing unparalleled sai and beauty that combined the confluence of civilized temples and modern architecture. It was known as “Panticon” which means fortified city.

The Pendik region has a well-developed infrastructure provided by a strong transportation network, and the Marmara Region connects Istanbul’s European region with Asia. In addition to public transport from Jenikapu Station, there are many gardens and amusement parks, supermarkets and shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, cinemas, providing residents of housing estates with a high incentive for housing and stability.

The Pendik area has many advantages and is suitable for housing and real estate investment in large areas. While enjoying the summer weather, it combines modern life with the nature of tourism through the beautiful views of Marmara Beach, which gives families peace of mind. Residepntial areas with well-developed infrastructure and diverse living, from public housing to middle-class apartments to noble and expensive villas. Pendik is also a major center of commercial real estate. On weekends there is a large street market with a variety of restaurants, cinemas and schools. The people here are a mix of early settlers, immigrants from eastern Anatolia, and refugees from Bosnia.

The fact that the Pendik area has access to the Sea of Marmara, which offers a fascinating natural forest, is worth buying an apartment, as there are all possibilities in the area, not just recreational and commercial areas. Live in a quiet, modern environment with a gate. Considering all the information we have already provided about the

Pendik area, you can take advantage of the components for buying an apartment in Pendik, especially since it is only 30 minutes from the car isolation area.

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