One-Bedroom Apartments Investment and why?

One-bedroom apartments, as an affordable and practical way to start investing in real estate, are simultaneously economical with lower utility costs and are easy to manage which provide an important advantage to time-poor working people.

It is no longer limited to beginners in real estate investment, but it has become a refuge for veteran investors who want to make their investment portfolio more diversified.

As the Turkish Society and population keep changing toward a different lifestyle, the attitude regarding properties created an increasing demand for one-bedroom apartments in Turkey’s big cities and especially in the Turkish metropolitan city of Istanbul.

One-bedroom apartments in Istanbul are an attractive investment option and essentially offer high ROI because of the high market demand and they are easy to lease and sell.

When investing in 1+1 apartment it must be centrally located because the target group who are opting for a one-bedroom flat, are seeking to live comfortably in a close proximity to their workplaces. Also, the investor must ensure that the property is within walking distance or a few minutes away from surrounding amenities.

Parking areas are also particularly important, (an apartment without parking space is relatively unattractive), and along with well-served neighborhoods are well serviced and connected via public transportation.

Property Invest offers various packages of 1 + 1 apartments that meet all the needs of the investor, whether they are a high return on investment or a regular and guaranteed income, as well as packages suitable for the criteria of Real Estate Turkey application that guarantee a profitable and secure investment, you only have to contact our consultants.

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