Mersin The Port City

Mersin is a port city in southern Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. It is the gateway to the nearby Christian pilgrimage site of Tarsus, where St. Paul’s Well commemorates the birthplace of the saint. Nearby is Cleopatra’s Gate, one of the remains of an ancient Roman defense wall.

Mersin is home to nearly two million people. Mersin is one of the most important cities in the Republic of Turkey. The city is one of Turkey’s most developed commercial and industrial port cities, with  Mersin International Port and Mersin Free Trade Zone, Turkey’s second largest free trade zone. Mersin, on the other hand,  is a fast-growing city that combines industry, trade, agriculture and tourism. Mersin is also a historic city that has been home to many civilizations throughout its history. The land has many historical sites worth visiting, where trade, industry and business meet, Mersin is literally a port city.

Mersin is home to an astonishing number of archeological sites that are evidence of many civilizations that have inhabited the plains over the centuries. From magnificent castles to the remains of an ancient city that  once flourished. A trip to Mersin is a dream come true for history buffs.

Mersin has many monuments due to its long history, which is one of the reasons why it attracts many tourists from all over the world every year.

The most famous of these are the Roman castle of Amur, the ruins of Kanbazali, the castle of Kyzkalesi, the ancient city  Olba containing the amazing Temple of Zeus, the rock paintings of Adamkayalar, the city of Kanlidivane, the Roman city of Anemurium, and Aya Tecla ( The Cave Church of Aya Tekla  and the Roman Way.

Mersin City is Turkey’s second largest port  after Ambarli Port (located near Istanbul) and is a very important economic port for Turkey as it imports and exports goods from five continents.

The port has 45 berths,  the total area of ​​the port  is 785,000 square meters,  and the annual capacity is about 6,000 ships. Mersin is a major producer of citrus, cotton, bananas, olives and various fruits, making it suitable for agriculture thanks to its fertile soil and vast Mersin plains.

Real estate is one of the most important things that everyone who wants to settle in a city depends on. If you are looking for affordable houses with good features, you will find your needs in Mersin, where there are many good apartments and affordable houses at the same time.

In general, buying or renting real estate in Mersin is a lot cheaper than in many big Turkish cities like Istanbul and Ankara, and you can find nice, big and affordable houses.

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