Kadıköy District

Kadikoy is a quiet residential neighborhood on Istanbul’s Asian coast, famous for its bustling fish and vegetable markets, where you can buy Turkish pizza, olives, stuffed mussels and more. Translated into Turkish, Kadikoy means “village of judges.” Kadikoy was once a separate settlement when Byzantium stood behind the Bosphorus on the historic peninsula. Kadikoy’s history dates back to 635 BC, Megara Chalcedon.

Kadıköy is booming with independent art spaces, music venues and colorful murals, making this neighborhood a popular spot on Istanbul’s Anatolian side. The winding streets are lined with colorful frescoed buildings with indie boutiques, trendy cafes and Anatolian eateries. With the district’s vibrant atmosphere and city life, historic buildings, important transport hubs, markets, large youth and student populations, cultural events and arts, shopping centers, cafes, pubs and restaurants on the coast and inland, a vibrant nightlife, especially the city’s famous area, Barnaya Street and its neighboring residential neighborhood, Beautiful Fashion, is one of Istanbul’s most popular and colorful neighborhoods. The view from the Moda coast stretches across the Sea of ​​Marmara towards Sultanahmet and reveals the horizon.

Sureya Opera House is the most attractive building on Bahariye Street. It was designed by Sureyya Ilmen Pasha in 1927 as an opera house, theater and banquet hall, but has long been used as a cinema. After hard work in 2007, the Sureya Opera House was restored to its original shape and became the first opera house in Istanbul Asia and the sixth opera house in Turkey. The building is very attractive from the exterior with the muse and masks of art, tragedy and comedy, and a very beautiful interior.

Kadikoy is one of the locations of Istanbul to invest in as it offers a variety of properties and new buildings to choose from. New development districts of Kadikoy – Fikirtepe, Umraniye and Atasehir. Popular and famous places are Suadiye, Erenkoy, Feneriolu and Moda on the streets of Acibadem, Goztepe, caddebostan and Bagdat. Apartments on Bagdat street have a higher price due to their popular location.

Famous for its magnificent coastline, Caddebostan is located in the Kadikoy region on the Asian side of Istanbul. Situated next to excellent transport links to Ferry, Marmaray and Metro, the area is well developed with developed infrastructure.

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