Istanbul’s New Trend Hotel Property Investment

Hotel property investment is another option for those researching different property investment strategies. Hotel investment means purchasing a hotel room and generating returns thanks to guests staying in the hotel. This works in a similar way to the more typical type of property investment, but with shorter tenancy periods, and it is managed by professional well-known hotel brands.

There are pros and cons to hotel investments. One of the main reasons that some people consider hotel investments as the best real estate investment strategy is the fact that the investor is able to generate high rental yields due to the cost of hotel stays. However, the investor will need to ensure that the hotel he invests in is popular enough to bring in a lot of demand. You also have less control over a hotel room investment since you don’t own the entire property, leaving you at risk if the company was to fail.


In a big city like Istanbul with millions of visitors every year, hotel apartments are becoming preferred by tourists, especially by foreigners who visit Istanbul frequently and those who stay for a long period with repetitive visits. Hotel apartments are providing a lower cost option than regular hotels and have a more spacious and comfortable style of residence. In terms of investment, hotel apartments are the most profitable investment tool among commercial properties, due to the high rental income. Famous intercontinental hotel services providers are developing, operating, and managing projects in Istanbul’s hotel property market, guarantying high yearly yields for owners of the properties.

Guaranteed rental incomes might last for 20 years in some contracts and projects, and the rental income percentage would vary between 7%-10%.

Property Invest is listing a large selection of hotel properties in Istanbul that have guaranteed and high rental income, and convenient to the Turkish citizenship regulations to provide you the best investment and the safest process.

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