Istanbul’s Fish Market

Istanbul offers one of the largest fish markets around the world, which is expected from a city that is located between Marmara and the Black Sea, fresh fish is definitely an integral part of Istanbul’s culture. The city is very rich in seafood, from the many pubs where fried fish is the main dish to fish sandwich vendors on the waterfront. If you like to cook yourself and don’t like to eat out a lot. Istanbul has many excellent fish markets where you can catch your day’s catch.

Istanbul has 5 major fish markets offering fresh seafood and fish of unmatched variety and quality. If you want to unleash your inner chef spirit, these are the five best places in Istanbul:

  • Kadıköy Fish Market

On the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Kadikoy evokes endless nostalgia. The Tuesday market is a must-see for tourists, but the fish market is different. This wonderful market also has a variety of shops selling honey, cheese, pickles, olives, herbs, and everything you need. If you want to live like a local, stop by.

  • Beyoğlu Fish Market

On the European side, there are many seafood specialties shops and restaurants in the narrow alleys close to Madame Tussauds, Taksim Square, and Istiklal Street. At the entrance, there is a beautiful decorative arch that decorates the place like a fish market. What’s more, this secluded place becomes lively and friendly at night, a place to entertain both foreign tourists and locals alike.

  • Beşiktaş Fish Market

Beşiktaş is not only known for its fancy buildings, shops, cafes, and properties, it is also known for its fish market.

At the foot of the Golden Horn in the Eminonu tourist area, there are plenty of fish sandwiches, stuffed mussels, and small seafood markets, but most locals head to Besiktas to enjoy the expansive daily fish market and the surrounding meikhani (bistros). The market is covered with floating triangular concrete shells reminiscent of airplane hangars. Below that, fishmongers place their daily catch, and restaurant waiters try to lure you in to dinner.

This market has a modern roof but no walls. Perfectly integrated with, the street, this is a world of the most surprising contradictions. It’s not inside yet. Modern roofs in the old part of the city. This combination of new and old is the essence of Istanbul. And with twinkling lights illuminating every shimmering fish and every green forest, the sights are majestic to match the city famous for its spellbinding views.

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