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The effects of the social and spatial transformation caused by globalization can also be seen within the Istanbul metropolitan area. Turkey becomes one of the best developing countries, which provides a suitable environment for business. Companies in different fields such as, financial services, IT, construction, and media have taken place all over the country, particularly Istanbul, which is considered the economic capital of Turkey. Turkey receives firms from over 90 countries around the world.

The growth of the service sector in Istanbul was attributed to the expansion of foreign multinational corporations, transnational banks, growth in international relations, extension of foreign trade and enlargement of business size. Within this process, a need for qualified and user-friendly office areas came into existence.

Location is one of the most important determinants of the demand of the office market. Having an office close to the metro station is considered a big advantage for companies and their staff. Furthermore, prestigious office buildings, which are equipped with facilities such as, restaurants, sport clubs and cultural facilities, alongside the physical attributes and size also, can play a key role in attracting firms for their workplaces.

Construction companies developed and are still developing user-satisfying and well-equipped office buildings that respond to the desires and needs of the different business sectors with respect to location and mechanical infrastructure necessitated by the new telecommunications systems.

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