Island of Democracy and Freedom

Yassi Ada is an island off the coast of Bodrum, Turkey. close to Istanbul, this part of the Mediterranean is prone to strong winds, making it difficult to travel safely around the island. There are many shipwrecks at the southeastern end of the island, so it can be said to be a graveyard for ships.

Yassi Ada is an island located between the Greek islands of Turgutreis and Pserimos. Here you will find the ruins of several ships representing different eras and styles crashing into hidden reefs. Ship material can sometimes be seen at the top of the reef, which is 3 meters above the water surface.

Historically, the island has been the place where kings have been ousted since the 4th century AD, and churches and monasteries have been built on it in the past. Its property was transferred to many people until 1947 when the Turkish Navy bought it.

In 1993, the Faculty of Fisheries at Istanbul University moved the institute to the island until 1995, until the faculty left the island, and has since been abandoned.

Island reconstruction work began on May 14, 2015, covering a total area of ​​103,750 square meters near Istanbul. It was an important milestone in the political history of Turkey in that it was Yassiada who witnessed the time of the trial of Yassi Ada, whose history dates back to the Byzantine period, and for a long time, it remained unprotected.

At the official ceremony, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened Yassi Ada Island in the Sea of ​​Marmara with the new name “Island of Democracy and Freedom”.

After four years of operation on the island, the island has now been transformed into a huge complex with a 125-room hotel, a 600-seat conference hall, a mosque, museum, exhibition hall, cafe and restaurant. Workers are completing construction work on the 18.3-hectare island.

The buildings of Yassi Ada, a heritage of our recent history, will be restored as a museum to better understand the situation during that period. In addition, meeting rooms and living spaces to host international conferences will be built to breathe new life into Yassiada and Civriada and give them their due value.

A museum and congress center are being built to attract cultural and historical tourism. It remains a popular diving destination.

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