In Mersin … “Heaven” and “Hell”

After the completion of the construction of an elevator in the Cave of “Heaven” and a balcony in the Cave of “Hell”, it became easy for visitors to enjoy their picturesque nature without getting tired

After reaching the bottom of the cave of “Heaven” and enjoying the view of the Cave of “Hell” in Mersin, southern Turkey, it is easy and easy now, after the completion of the project of constructing an elevator and balcony for the two caves.

The project came within the work of promoting tourism in the two caves, which are one of the most exciting and beautiful places in Mersin overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The project also aimed to preserve the oval-shaped grotto with a diameter of 250 meters, and its special walkway consisting of 452 degrees to the historic cave at the end of the stairs.

A private balcony was established in the Cave of “Hell” to enable local and foreign tourists to enjoy the easy view of its beautiful nature, as it is impossible to get there due to its climate and its depth of 128 meters, in addition to its concave edges.

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