How to find the right property in Turkey

People buy properties in Turkey for many different reasons; these could be investing into real estate and obtaining income or simply owning a house by the beach in Fethiye to spend their summer days in.  It might seem easy at first glance: you just walk into a real estate agent’s office and tell them what you are looking for and they find exactly what you need. However there are some factors you should consider before purchasing a property in Turkey. It requires a lot of research before and after you find the right real estate agent for you. 

Turkey is without a doubt a beautiful country with a big real estate market. Finding the right location to fulfill your financial and lifestyle expectations before you start looking for an estate agent is crucial. After determining the city it is also important to find the right district for you. Doing your own research by tracking areas on maps and reading reviews from locals and foreigners living there may save you a lot of time and money. If you have an opportunity to visit Turkey to explore your chosen city before you make a decision it will be a great advantage for you.

After deciding on the location you can now find a real estate agent who will provide you information on available properties. However you should keep in mind that not every agent will selflessly help you in finding what is good for you, rather they will try to benefit themselves more. Taking that into consideration, it is safer to check out different agents to see who has similar perspectives as yours and tries to find a property in your favor. Other than that, finding a real estate agent that speaks the same language as you is a key to clear communication. Finally, if you are researching real estate online it is worth coming to Turkey before buying it, as photos and/or videos can be misleading and do not do justice to the actual beauty of the place. 

Finding the right property in Turkey, just like in any other foreign country, can be tricky and time consuming. With proper research and help from a qualified real estate agent, buying an asset to meet your needs can be a nice and a pleasant experience. Remember to take your time, consider all aspects and do not make hasty decisions and buy the first estate you think you have fallen in love with.

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