How to Choose Your Istanbul Property?

Istanbul is the largest Metropol of Turkey with more than 39 residential areas and more than 18 million registered residents and is still expanding and developing new areas every year. To meet the high demand for residents by the local population and ex-pats.


Istanbul is divided into European and Asian sides, and the European part of Istanbul is totally different from the Asian part. The biggest projects offering more properties for sale are in the European section of Istanbul and foreigners are often purchasing Istanbul properties on the European side because this section contains the majority of foreigners residing in Turkey and is considered the economic pole of the city. While the Asian side is the preferred part for local families, it is receiving more demand after the implementation of multiple infrastructures and investment projects.

The most important feature of the properties on sale, located on the European Side is the diversity of options in terms of size, price, and characteristics in addition to the integrated transport lines, which covers and connect all areas of the section and ease of displacement. This part contains most of the touristic areas of this historical city, which makes the investment return of real estate higher, especially for investors seeking properties to be operated as short-term rental properties…

Talking about the properties for sale on the Asian Side is the quality of the projects in terms of materials and concepts, which are residential and commercial mixed-use projects, especially the area of Ataşehir where the largest financial area in Turkey is.

The choice of the area of the property should be based on important data and distance to public services is one of the most important incentives to choose the residential area and must ensure the availability of public and private hospitals, schools, and universities. So briefly a developed infrastructure.

Transportation in Istanbul is a part of the life of all its inhabitants, and the prices of meters for real estate change in the regions as close to the main transport links to the city center. The metro line, the Metrobus line, and the bus lines are the most important means of transport for Istanbul, especially on the European side. Make sure that these transportation methods are close to your residential area:

  • Metrobus: connects the European side with the Asian side (BEYLİKDÜZÜ – SÖĞÜTLÜÇEŞME).
  • Sea Buses and Ferries
  • Metro or Subway: Three main lines on the European side and one line on the Asian side.
  • Buses and minibusses

Finally making the decision to choose which property to buy whether is for residential goal or as an investment tool to generate income or to obtain Turkish citizenship can be a hard task but Property Invest is here to assist you and help you understand the differences according to your goals and budget and will guide you to market the best choice possible.

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