Fatih District

Fatih district, located on the high ground within the walls of Constantinople, is located in Istanbul, Turkey, in the heart of the ancient city, open to trade and residence as well as to the Arab community and spiritual atmosphere.

Fatih is located on the European side of Istanbul, bordered by the Golden Horn to the north and the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south, which features great sea views, great views and the walls of Constantinople to the west.

The Fatih region, which has become famous for its residential and cultural importance, and is especially considered one of the best areas for Arabs in Turkey.

Geographically, this region is a peninsula on the European side of the city, surrounded on three sides by water. The Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus, on the fourth side, are surrounded by Istanbul walls.

Fatih area is considered as one of the main areas in Istanbul’s sightseeing itinerary as it is filled with various tourist attractions, museums, mosques, theaters, churches, beaches, various resorts and towers such as Beyazit Tower, Qayztaci. . Or Turkey in general. Tourism investment in restaurants, cafes and clubs is increasing here, and the government is constantly working to maintain museums and mosques. The Fatih area is also full of amenities and amenities that are some of the essentials of life. Universities and schools such as Istanbul University, Istanbul Medipol University and Bezim University.

Residence in Fatih is undoubtedly one of the best accommodation options in the Istanbul area. Especially since it’s a great tourist area wherever you look, and there are benefits that are only available in this area. You will find a large group of very important outstanding tourist attractions, which are in unprecedented demand from tourists. The great thing about the Fatih area is that it has many medical and educational centers and universities, as well as numerous shopping malls and centers offering everything you need.

Investment in Fatih region has witnessed great prosperity in recent years due to investment opportunities, due to the advantages and special location of the region that can attract investors, such as high-quality investment regions, advanced organizations and the ability to obtain huge profits, from a huge commercial center to the sale of real estate in various forms, considering these advantages, investing in the Fatih region is considered a lucrative project.

Buying an apartment in the Fatih area can be said to have a positive impact as it is different from all other areas of Istanbul. The real estate market in the region is very dynamic and in high demand from investors. The fact that it is located in the heart of Istanbul is very different from other areas, there are many educational, medical and marketing centers serving its residents. All this makes buying an apartment in the Fatih area a great project.

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