Eminönü Neighborhood

Eminönü Neighborhood

Eminönü Area and Port are one of Turkey’s largest open-air museums, the center of the walled city of Constantinople in its long history, now part of the Fatih district and the Golden Horn. Cross the Golden Horn to reach Eminople. The Bosphorus Strait of the Sea of   Marmara overlooks Topkapi Palace, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, and Hagia Sophia. In short, “Eminönü” is a major tourist destination in Istanbul.

Eminönü is a great place to soak up the authentic Istanbul atmosphere because it reflects a lot more than tourism. This major transport hub offers glimpses into the daily life of Istanbul locals. Just sitting on a bench and watching people go by their business opens a different world that no travel magazine could describe.

You can take a walk in Eminönü Square, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the market area and city with historic buildings, walk by the sea, watch the ferry, and rest at the numerous restaurants and cafes in the area. Is one of the best sightseeing spots around Eminönü Square.

Eminönü Field is rich in beauty, history, and wonderful traditions and has acquired many mosques, historic buildings, and Istanbul’s most famous landmarks.

At Eminönü, you can reach the Spice Bazaar from Istanbul’s historic markets by following in the footsteps of spices, and you can shop by filtering through the colorful windows. You can step into a world of colorful flowers at the flower market next to the Egyptian market, the subject of postcards, and stroll around the market accompanied by perfume.

There is the famous Sultan Ahmed Mosque, with the Topkapi Palace (Hidea Palace), the Hagia Sophia Mosque, and the Agia Irinier, and there are about 1000 signs of excellence in Ottoman architecture.

As a ferry terminal, locals and tourists use Eminönü as a springboard to explore other areas of Istanbul such as Besiktas, Ortakoy, and other small villages. The Princes Islands, a small group of the mainland near the Asian side, are a favorite weekend spot for locals. Explore the traffic-free streets to discover ancient Ottoman mansions, some of which are said to sell for millions of pounds. Another popular pastime is buying cheap ferry tickets for the Bosphorus excursion to see sights like the ancient Yali castle and mansion as you go.

Being an industrial district, Eminönü has many offices, banks, and workshops, in addition to important government buildings such as the governor’s office and Istanbul University’s main campus. Having no more than 30,000 working-class residents, Eminönü’s housing structures and real estate are mostly the type of apartment blocks that are typical in European Istanbul.

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