Büyükçekmece District

Buyukcekmece district, Istanbul, This area is located in one of the important areas of Greater Istanbul. It is also one of the modern districts of 39 districts and is managed by its municipality. The region is located in the European part of the city of Istanbul, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It plays an important role in accelerating the development of the country and Istanbul as a whole.

Buyukcekmece has many attractions such as Sultan Suleiman al-Kanuni Bridge, Khan Kurchonlu, Sokollo Mohammed Pasha Mosque, and the road of Sultan Suleiman Magnificent. Additionally, the district has 265 schools with 2,282 classrooms, with more than 52,000 students and 2,225 teachers. Many branches are adjacent to 3 research institutes, 1 university, and 2 universities.

In recent years Buyukcekmece become famous in the Turkish real estate market for several reasons:

  • First, anyone looking for real estate in the heart of Istanbul has to pay the highest prices in the country. Buyukcekmece is located on the edge of the city center, giving shoppers the best of both worlds at an affordable price. Foreigners can also easily buy real estate for sale at Buyukcekmece.
  • Second, the Buyukcekmece real estate market is changing as modern buildings come to the fore. The apartments for sale at Buyukcekmece are luxurious and modern built. The 240,000 population has grown over the years and Buyukcekmece is very much adapting.

Real estate for sale at Buyukcekmece will appeal to everyone and fit any budget. Anyone who purchases the residential complex will enjoy a range of on-site amenities including a swimming pool, hammam, landscaped gardens, and 24-hour security. Many properties at Buyukcekmece offer 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month loan terms, making them especially ideal for first-time buyers. Buyukcekmece’s more luxurious properties also feature the latest smart home technology. Buyukcekmece also has a clear advantage compared to other regions, as Buyukcekmece has a wide selection of land and commercial real estate as well as homes for sale. If you are looking to buy real estate for sale at Buyukcekmece or land for sale at Buyukcekmece, you are in the right place.

One of the aspects that Buyukcekmece always favors is the location of the sea and lake. When people think of city life, they think of skyscrapers, clutter, smog, and dirty environments.

However, the location of Buyukcekmece is different. It is ideal for commuters, as residents enjoy the picturesque scenery and refreshing atmosphere from the bleak atmosphere of the city center within a short drive away.

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