Turkish real estate market is a lucrative market offering various opportunities to investors....
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What is fix and flip in real estate investment?

Fix-and-flip is a real estate investment strategy, it is a popular method in the Istanbul real...
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Short-Term Real Estate Investment When & How?

In real estate investment strategies, there are two options: long-term investment or...
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Buying Off-Plan Properties In Turkey, What Is The Process?

The Turkish real estate market is in full flow with many locals and foreigners buying property...
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Rental Properties Pros & Cons

Rental properties can be financially rewarding and have numerous tax benefits, as a rental...
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Istanbul Finance Center Project Has Reached 60% On Completion Status

The Istanbul International Financial Center will be home to Turkey’s largest and most...
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How to benefit from the tourism dynamism in Turkey to increase the income of your real estate investment?

Turkey’s tourism industry is on the list of the top ten most visited countries in the World...
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What Are The Important Factors That Led to Economic Development in Turkey?

The economic development in Turkey attracted many investors in previous years, as a result of...
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Investing in Villas in Istanbul Where and How?

Istanbul’s lucrative market is attracting investors from all around the Word, and real...
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Why Turkey Is The Best Location For Foreigners To Buy Real Estate?

With its spectacular history, culture, nature, and climate, Turkey has always been a desirable...
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VAT Exemptions for Foreign Property Investors in Turkey

The advantages provided by the Turkish Government to attract foreign investors, such as VAT...
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