Bayrampasa District

Bayrampasa’s unique geographic location in the heart of the European part of Istanbul makes it an area of stable living and annoyance for those who want to settle in an area that combines residential functions, developed infrastructure, and developed urban infrastructure. Close to the most important areas of Istanbul.

Many titles belong to the Bayrampasa area, and some describe it as the throbbing heart of Istanbul, an old civilized area or a quiet residential area that occupies a special place among the Turks, making you feel as if you are living in an integrated city.

Maltepe Military Hospital, which occupies an important position in terms of historical relics, and is currently reserved as a service building for the Police Department, was built in 1827. The wave of immigration, which began in Bulgaria in 1927 and peaked in the 1960s, played an important role in shaping the socio-cultural foundation of Bayrampasa. The diligence and importance of family relationships among Balkan immigrants have made Bayrampasa one of Istanbul’s most liveable areas.

As for entertainment, Bayramampasa includes the largest sports complex in Istanbul, and various sports such as swimming, soccer, basketball, and others can be run.

Bayrampaasa includes Sabri Akpinar Park, and there is a sight park overlooking a children’s playground, a spacious green area, a picnic space, and a lot of cafes, restaurants, and waterfalls.

In the shopping center, Bayrampus is one of the largest shopping centers in the Istanbul Forum, which is one of the largest shopping centers in Istanbul, the Restaurant, Cafe, and Children’s Game, 256 international and local brands, there is also popular Ikea furniture in the area. The Bayrampaza area is considered an industrial area destroyed by workshops and small factories.

Bayrampasa area is close to the most important areas of Istanbul such as Euypsultan, Gaziosmanpasa, and Fatih. Strong infrastructure and nearly reasonable rental prices compared to other areas identify it as a suitable place for a family home. In addition, the majority of its residents are Bosnia and Herzegovina Muslims, who have retained their customs and traditions since their residence in 1829, with many recreational areas, public transport networks, large schools, and markets, as well as small industrial areas.

As of the end of 2020, Kocatepe, Muratpasa, Cevatpasa, and Yıldırım were the most valuable residential areas in the Bayrampasa region. The average area of residential properties for sale is 100 square meters.

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