Başakşehir District

The Basaksehir district is located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. It is considered one of the richest areas in Istanbul and is known as “The rich Arab neighborhood”, and is one of the most distinctive and modern districts among Istanbul’s 39 districts.

The district’s population is predominantly young people, with those under 40 making up 40% of the population and those between the ages of 20 and 44 making up 43%. It is also considered one of the most dynamically developing areas in terms of increased project availability in residential complexes and residential areas.

You can see a lot of amazing things here, noting that life started from scratch in 1995. The infrastructure and the building are in perfect harmony with each other, showing off the amazing architecture and the urban design of the region.

The area contains many education centers including 35 primary schools, 30 secondary schools and 5 kindergartens, in addition to 3 of the most elite international schools in Istanbul.

Real estate prices skyrocketed 27% in the district over the last one year, due to the construction of several mega projects, including a third Istanbul Airport and a third bridge.

Another reason for the real estate prices to rise is due to the upcoming Bio-Istanbul project, including the largest medical city complex with facilities such as science education, research and development, restaurants, business parks, cultural centers and conference halls. This project aims to attract both local and foreign tourists.

You can rent houses and apartments in the district with great prices keeping in mind the beautiful view over the Basaksehir Park.

The Basaksehir district consists mostly of green spaces and natural valleys. Not to mention the serenity of the area and its distance from the bustle of the city.


The Turkish Basaksehir Park

This park spans over an area of 362,000 m2 of land, 280,000m2 of which are dedicated to parks and gardens and a biological pond. It accommodates bicycle routes, walking and jogging routes within the park grounds. The most interesting aspects of the park is the emission of scents that mimic 25 different types of flowers, such as musk and also has miniature parks such as the Recarink and the butterfly’s gardens, where flowers and plants are grown so it attracts butterflies. There is a space for family events and also dedicated spaces for people with special needs.

Basaksehir has become one of the most attractive areas for both local and foreign investors due to its strong infrastructure, society, culture, health and educational facilities, as well as modern buildings with the highest standards of comfort and well-being.

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