Bahçelievler District

Bahçelievler is a district located on the European side of Istanbul. The neighborhood has the highest population density of any residential area in the city. Bakırköy borders it to the south, Küçükçekmece to the west, Bağcılar to the north and Güngören to the east. Bahçelievler is one of the essential economic districts of the city. In addition, Turkey’s first coking plant and one of the county’s first industrial sites are also located in the county.

Bahçelievler, meaning “houses with gardens”, is a very common name for neighborhoods and villages in Turkey. Previously, all the houses in this neighborhood were single-story houses with gardens, hence the name.

During the Ottoman period, it remained vacant except for the small areas of Bakırköy and Yeşilköy. When European relations were developing during the early Republican era, railroads and road facilities were in short supply. After housing and employment, urbanization began to spread in the region. The most important historical sites in the area are the Pool Pavilion (Siyavuş Paşa Kasrı) and the Fountain, Çobançeşme Bridge (Mimar Sinan Bridge) and the Çoban Fountain, Soğanlı Fountain, Viran Saray (Viran Bosnia).

This neighborhood emerged after its transformation into a modern urban area largely unscathed. The specter of garden heritage still lingers in the tree-lined streets, making Bahcelievler an increasingly attractive magnet for developers and middle-income families.

There are projects developed by public companies and private companies in Bahçelievler. New housing projects are being built every day. Therefore, Bahçelievler has become suitable for real estate investment. Bahçelievler has gained a foothold in this area as we investigate transport, health, education, and society.

Bahcelievler is a unique living space with natural beauties and social opportunities. You can buy a property in Bahcelievler, enjoy all these beauties and take advantage of all the social opportunities. There are many properties for sale in Bahcelievler. So it will be profitable to buy commercial real estate in Bahcelievler or land for sale in Bahcelievler. Real estate in Behçelievler can be seen as an investment in the future due to its touristic location.

You can sublease the purchased apartment to make a profit. There are too many apartments for sale in Bahcelievler and houses for sale in Bahcelievler. With the urban transformation and new projects here, the value of properties for sale in Behçelievler has increased. Buying a property in Bahçesehir would be a great opportunity to get away from the city of Istanbul.

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