Bağcılar District

Bağcılar is strategically located close to many urban infrastructure projects and administrative areas, as it is bordered by It is surrounded by Bahçelievler in the south, Küçükçekmece in the west, Başakşehir in the northwest, Güngören in the east, Esenler and Başakşehir in the north and to the east is the Ghazi Osman Pasha area which is an important center surrounded by the most famous districts of Istanbul.

Bağcılar is a district unique in its demographic structure, atmosphere, and socio-cultural life. People from various backgrounds meet in a suburb, in the heart of Istanbul, revealing one of the most populous areas of Istanbul with a population of 750,000.

Bağcılar’s housing revolution has been well underway, with massive high-rise housing complexes or “sitelers” springing up everywhere to replace the concrete blocks that toppled the gecekondus in the early years. 1990. ($200,000). However, most locals could not afford it, and many sat idle even when bought by foreigners.

Bağcılar District includes many large and important residential projects, some of which are still under construction and others are ready for housing construction.

The area occupies an architecturally advanced position, reflected by the widespread of real estate projects of all kinds in different pillars, which are excellent investment projects, most guarantee annual rental income, some reach 10%.

Besides projects there that keep increasing in price, especially those that are still under construction, they are very popular with foreign investors, aiming to double their profits thanks to the delivery price.

The most important thing is that the Bağcılar area is on Basin Express main road has been given high investment priority and makes it valuable and important in the eyes of big investors so some people call it the second area by Maslak.

One of the most important advantages of living in Bağcılar is the strategic geographical location of the area,  on the way to the Ekspres river basin, which is the most vibrant investment area in Europe. The fact that the neighborhood is located at the intersection of main roads 80 and E5 in Istanbul is one of the most important advantages that make accommodation in Bağcılar a turning point in your life. In addition, their proximity to the central areas. The diverse services and means of transportation are the features that encourage life in Bağcılar.


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