Ankara Kizilay district

Similar to Istanbul‘s Taksim district, Ankara‘s Kizilay district is the heart of the city, with a constant flow of people every day.  A very modern part of Ankara, very crowded, full of shops, restaurants, coffee shops. A good place to take the pulse of the Turkey capital city.

Named after the regional office of Türk Kizilayi (Turkish Red Crescent, Turkey’s largest humanitarian organization), Kizilayi is a bustling city center with public transport lines (including airport buses) running throughout Ankara. However, Kizilay is also a popular destination thanks to its many major attractions, shopping malls, and entertainment centers.

You can spend time shopping in the many bookstores and shops scattered around the area. Due to the traffic control, Karanfil and Yuksel streets are great places to walk and experience local life, and the Hittite Solar Course monument in Sihiye Square is a vivid symbol of the city’s ancient roots. Created by Turkish sculptor Nusret Suman, this monument is a replica of a Hittite symbol found in the tombs of imperial kings. The original symbol can be found at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara.

One of the first places to visit is Guven Park, where the famous Guven (Trust) monument stands in all its glory. Completed in 1935 by an Austrian architect and sculptor, this monument is dedicated to the Turkish security forces. Quote on the floor of a statue of Turkey‘s first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Kizilay has many cheap restaurant chains and cafes throughout the area, but  only a few  are  authentic and local favorites. One such venue is Urfali Hayrag`nin Yeri, a rustic restaurant offering over 20 kebabs, from classic Adana and Urfa kebabs to the unique Abuhannus sögyurtme kebabs.

Kizilay Square is full of bustling nightclubs and department stores. Kizilay attracts the city’s youth and partygoers and is one of the most recommended places to enjoy an amazing nightlife in Ankara. The main tourist attractions are Güven Park, Ataturk Boulevard and Selanik Street.

Over 5,000 metres, Ataturk Boulevard (Turkish Ataturk Bulvari) offers plenty of shopping opportunities. Stroll along the chestnut-lined streets and browse the shops where you can buy clothing, cosmetics, groceries, household goods, books, Turkish souvenirs and  anything imaginable.

An impressive shopping destination, Kızılay offers  fantastic shops at prices to suit all budgets. Whether you have the money to burn them, or just want to see the many  shop fronts that are lit up, this town is well worth revisiting again and again.

In addition to  shoppers, you can usually see students and lots of local office workers at lunchtime. But don’t let the crowd fool you when shopping here is top notch. There are covered shopping malls and boutiques as well as numerous cafes where you can relax.

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