Ankara City and the Real Estate Market

Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey, is located on the Anatolian Plateau at the confluence of the Ankara and Chubuk rivers in central Turkey. It is the administrative center of the country and the second-largest city after the big city of Istanbul. Ankara properties with a rising population of 4.5 million are in high demand.

Ankara is one of the main windows opening up promising investment prospects for entrepreneurs, thanks to its many investment elements represented by modern and developed areas, strong infrastructure, and diverse tourist destinations that support investment creation and ensure success. The presence of many developed areas in Ankara opens the way for real estate construction, due to its central location near tourist attractions landmarks on one hand, and its proximity to shopping centers, government, medical and educational institutions on the other hand, making it an ideal choice for investment.

Supporting these statements are the numbers issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, related to sales of apartments in Turkey in general, during the month of October of 2021, in which Ankara came in second place after Istanbul in the percentage of real estate sales, after achieving 13,466 apartments sales, and 9.8% of apartment sales across Turkey.

Experts point out that Ankara’s real estate market is growing steadily. New home offers are still plentiful to choose from. Investing in real estate in a new building in Ankara is very lucrative. The demand for residential complexes in Ankara is also high due to its excellent infrastructure, the capital’s stature, the city’s popularity among tourists and students, and the opportunities to find work. Selling an apartment from a developer is a simple process and is aimed at investors from all over the world. Ankara’s real estate sector has also recently witnessed an increase in demand for real estate from foreign investors, with foreign investors seeing a lot of activity in the city as Ankara ranks third at the Turkish level in terms of foreign real estate sales of apartments for the first 10 months of the year.

One of the most well-known areas in Ankara is The Can Kaya district, as it is considered as one of the most preferred areas in the Turkish capital by investors and traders, which contains the headquarters of embassies and ministries, and the most modern and advanced residential complexes in Ankara are concentrated.

The solid, strong, and advanced infrastructure that keeps pace with the requirements of the current era in Ankara, constitutes the solid base on which investments are built, and ensures the success of investment projects of all kinds, as this infrastructure includes the presence of many industrial cities, the diversity of commercial areas, and an integrated system of the modern transportation network, consisting of From the means of land and rail transportation, in addition to the international airport in Ankara, which provides fast transfers inside and outside Turkey.

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