May 2022

Turkish Citizenship

Who can get Turkish citizenship by investment? A foreigner who has not been convicted, has not violated Turkish immigration laws and has fulfilled the conditions of the program can obtain Turkish citizenship. Citizens of Armenia, Cuba, Nigeria, North Korea and Syria cannot participate in the program. Turkish citizenship is granted to the spouse of the investor and children under 18 years of...

Regulations Regarding the Currency Exchange

The New Regulations Regarding the Currency Exchange for Foreign Property sales

Are you thinking of buying a property abroad? Turkey may be the perfect destination for your trip. In recent years, large-scale development has been carried out in certain parts of Turkey, and the value of Turkish real estate has skyrocketed and is recognized worldwide. The Turkish government has introduced new regulations recently to support the Turkish lira. Due to the fluctuation of exchange rates,...

Turkey Property Taxation And Rental Income

Turkey Property Taxation And Rental Income

Turkey's tax system is an essential part of the economy and can be divided into three main categories. Personal income tax and corporate tax.  Taxes on VAT, banking, insurance transaction tax, stamp duty, and other costs. Wealth tax such as property tax, inheritance tax, and gift tax. Turkish income tax Is levied on the domestic and foreign income of individuals and businesses residing in Turkey....

Kartal District

Kartal is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and has nearly 500,000 inhabitants. The district borders Pendik, Sultanbeyli, Maltepe and Sankakutepe. There are many places to discover around Kartal. Kartal Seafront, Surp Nışan Armenian Church, Kartal Historical Bazaar, Dragos Hill and its surroundings, Kartal Mosque, Yakacık Square, City Park, Aydos Forest, and more are Kartal attractions....

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